September 16, 2018

Goodbye Downtown, Hello Friendship Heights

I recently changed the place I travel to on weekday mornings and spend around 8 hours at. The new gig is at a USAID implementing partner, Creative Associates. Moving from USAID to one of their implementing partners is pretty common in the industry and allows me to build on my experience in the geospatial + interntional development realm.

I made the jump to the “dark side” for three main reason. First, I get to work on a broader range of development issues as Creative has three practice areas they focus on: Communities In Transition, Economic Grouth, and Education. Secondly, I am more involved in the design of programs, something I did not have the opportunity to do at my previous job. Getting involved early to influence how data is collected, processed, and visualized by a program is something I have been pinning to do for a while. I could honestly write an entire post on this but I think having experience in both tech and development will allow me to make sure I do not just bring in hyped up tools or get programs to spend exessive amounts on priopiatary platforms. Finally, I get to work on building bigger tools to help projects. There are still one off cartographic products to work on but I am also working with my boss on projects that will be used across programs and go deeper then mapping a single theme.

Further the new office is near Rodman’s Grocery!